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Inbetweeners Animators Group

By Past Events
The Inbetweeners Meeting was held on Tuesday, Nov 21st at the FPCH Library.  There were 12 people in attendance.  The group enjoyed a time of  food and fellowship to start the evening.  Artists Geoff & Ramya presented a trailer for their new documentary titled The Hollywood Cross.   Artists Scotty Mearig & Olimpia presented their new animated film The Book of John in Song Tommy Walker, followed by an engaging Q&A.  The last 30 minutes were dedicated to 1-on-1 prayer requests.  The next Inbetweeners gathering will be held on Monday, December 11th!

Home Improvement and Hospitality

By Past Events

Karen and Jim along with HPN members Naomi and Ken are leading a 3 week series on Home Improvement and Hospitality!  They focus each week on practical, hands-on steps to fixing your electricity, plumbing, broken hinges, cracked wood, etc. – anything you want to learn about how to fix anything in your home. And then serve dinner and give  tips on how to be hospitable to your guests!  Classes are held November 4th, 11th, and 18th!

Each week they answer questions on how to fix things, what tools to use, and when to call a professional! This class also focuses on helping participants to ignite or expand their gift of hospitality! We want our community to have wonderful homes and huge hearts!

Measure for Measure

By Past Events

Almost 30 composers, songwriters, and musicians gathered for a special Measure For Measure Fellowship and they heard from two of the leaders, Alex Hitchens and Andres Soto about their current work and God’s faithfulness.  Then Family Therapist Jeff Sumpolec talked about Anxiety, the balance of personal and work life, and the stresses of working as a freelancer.  It was a powerful, insightful, and encouraging event.

Inbetweeners Animation Group

By Past Events
The Inbetweeners Animation group met at Sam Vest Studios on Wednesday, October 18th.  There were 14 people in attendance.  The gathering began with a time of fellowship over delicious snacks from Porto’s.  Sam Vest then shared a slideshow presentation where he gave the testimony of how God has worked through his animation business over the last year and why he is giving up his production building in North Hollywood.  The last 30 minutes were dedicated to 1-on-1 prayer requests.  If you would like to join the next Inbetweeners Animation gathering, please email Sam at

California, San Diego- Bill and Michelle Winder

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Bill & Michelle Winder, both native Californians, live in Carlsbad, a beautiful town in north coastal San Diego.  At a God-appointed meeting in Hollywood in 2010, Michelle met Karen Covell. Karen was hosting a meeting for children in ‘The Industry’ and Michelle had been invited up to lead worship. After a short conversation in which Karen explained the vision of Hollywood Prayer Network, she asked Michelle to pray about starting a Chapter in San Diego.

Here is the rest of the story, directly from Michelle:
I immediately declined as my time was already consumed with ministry and Real Estate. Karen continued to ask every few months until one day, while driving on the I-5 I realized it might be God asking- so, as was often my mo, I ‘made a deal’ with God. If He would provide a partner to help, I would do it ‘temporarily’ until someone with a passion for Hollywood stepped up. 12 minutes later I walked into my home and my husband Bill, a true prayer-warrior, said, “Would you start an HPN Chapter if I were to partner with you?” I laughed at how God always calls my bluff.  I agreed and Bill & I began an adventure that we’re still enjoying today, 12 years later! We rally an amazing team of prayer warriors “outside the camp” as God leads. Please pray about joining us!





By Past Events

On Tuesday, September 26th, , twenty actors gathered in Valley Village to read the Bible, discuss God’s will for artists as it pertains to telling stories for a living, and what types of stories we, as actors, should be putting out into the world. It was a beautiful night with thoughtful conversations and meaningful prayer time.   The next Stagelight gathering is on Tuesday, October 24th.  For more info, email

Financial Wisdom for Creatives Workshop

By Past Events

On Thursday, September 21st, HPN hosted a Zoom workshop, FINANCIAL WISDOM FOR CREATIVES led by HPN member and dear friend Kelvin Dickerson.  This seminar focused on how to become debt free and build wealth by doing it God’s way!  This event was fabulous and filled with such rich information!  We have included the video link for you to watch!

If you want to get in touch with Kelvin, please email him at

Financial Wisdom for Creatives Video Link

HPN Monthly Meetup

By Past Events

On Thursday, September 21st, Karen hosted a wonderful group of approximately 12 creatives for the monthly HPN Meetup.  There were both old friends and news ones in attendance.  This time together including a time of sharing, encouraging one another during this difficult strike and of course  everyone received prayer!  A small group of YWAM missionaries also joined us to share about how God is using them to spread his message of love and hope to the Hollywood community!  The next HPN meetup will be on Thursday, October 12th at 11:00.  Email if you would like to attend!

Inbetweeners Animation Group

By Past Events

On Tuesday, Sept 19th, the Inbetweeners Animators group held their monthly in-person meeting.   Ten Artists attended (4 returners and 6 new folks).  Everyone enjoyed fellowship over delicious Porto’s food.  Leo Guzman taught a creative demo on Building Tension for movies.  The last 30 minutes were dedicated to 1 on 1 prayer requests.  The next in-person gathering is on Tuesday, October 10th.  For more info, email Sam.