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San Jose, CA – Terri and Barry Renfro

By | Past Events

Terri and Barry first took steps to follow a call to ministry in the Hollywood entertainment industry in about 1998. Barry sensed a light go on during his university’s chapel service when the speaker rabbit-trailed into a reference about how God was at work in Hollywood. His wife, Terri, however, took some convincing. Barry chose to let God do that convincing, knowing if it was truly a call from God, she’d need to be on board too. That convincing from God soon became a strong conviction for both of them. A deep love grew for a people group many in the church still overlook. Barry and Terri have developed many industry relationships over the years and have had the privilege of interceding on the behalf of industry professionals.  

Barry and Terri have ministered bi-vocationally for decades. Barry is a building contractor who has served as a pastor in various church and home church ministries. Terri has pastored alongside Barry, and currently she works in Natural Health and has a naturopathic ministry degree. Terri creates HPN’s monthly Kids & Teens Prayer Calendar each month, highlighting various actors and industry people to pray for. 

Lancaster, PA – Carlos Ortiz

By | Global Local Chapter Directors

Carlos Ortiz is one of our newer Chapter Directors, having lived in Lancaster for one year–a year impacted dramatically by the coronavirus. In light of this, Carlos has focused his efforts on prayer, calling on churches and prayer groups to pray in unity together. His hope in the near future is to raise awareness of the great ministry of HPN as it continues to impact the people and overall culture of Hollywood.

Chicago, IL – Abby Lynn Kang Davis

By | Global Local Chapter Directors

Throughout her career, multi-Emmy-nominated Abby Lynn Kang Davis has focused on breaking underrepresented voices into the commercial television and film marketplace. Her skills in identifying viable talent in up-and-coming storytellers, advocating on their behalf, and mentoring them through the filmmaking process, have garnered top-tier film festival invitations and award nominations, as well as millions in sales revenue. Abby is currently responsible for bringing multiple projects to market. Most recently, she executive-produced Emmy-nominated Long Shot (Telluride 2017/Netflix Originals), Emmy winning-306 Hollywood (Sundance 2018/PBS POV), the New York Times’ Emmy-nominated series Almost Famous (Telluride 2020/Op Docs) and the television docuseries The Devil You Know (Viceland). Abby is also the founder of character., a producing and consulting company. As a chapter director, Abby is a fervent supporter of Hollywood Prayer Network and she has participated on the weekly Friday Prayer Calls.

Friday Prayer Call & Zoom Meeting

By | Past Events

Since March 20, 2020 HPN has hosted weekly prayer meetings on Zoom, for people to participate via phone or video chat. These one-hour meetings are a fruitful time of connecting during the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing. We lift up topics such as the entertainment industry, health, and finances.

Screenshot of Zoom call on Laptop

To join a prayer meeting, check out our local events page.


3/20 – 29 participants – 4 HPN staff

3/27 – 69 participants – 4 HPN staff

4/03 – 74 participants -4 HPN staff

4/10 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/17 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/24 – 51 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/08 – 50 participants – 4 HPN staff

5/15 – 41 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/22 – 44 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/29 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/05 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/12 – 36 participants – 4 HPN staff

6/19 – 37 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/26 – 30 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/03 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/10 – 32 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/17 – 50 participants – 2 HPN staff

7/24 – 44 participants – 2 HPN staff

7/31 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

8/07 – 30 participants – 3 HPN staff

8/14 – 34 participants – 3 HPN staff

8/21 – 37 participants – 2 HPN staff

8/28 – 28 participants – 2 HPN staff

9/04 – 43 participants – 2 HPN staff

9/11 – 39 participants – 2 HPN staff

9/18 – 47 participants – 1 HPN staff

9/25 – 36 participants – 2 HPN staff

10/02 – 33 participants – 3 HPN staff

10/09 – 32 participants – 4 HPN staff

10/16 – 33 participants – 3 HPN staff

10/23 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

10/30 – 30 participants – 3 HPN staff

11/06 – 40 participants – 3 HPN staff

11/13/20 – 34 participants – 3 HPN staff

11/20/20 – 42 participants – 3 HPN staff

12/04/20 – 43  participants – 2 HPN staff

12/11/20 – 36 participants – 2 HPN staff

12/18/20 – 32 participants – 4 HPN staff

1/08/21 – 40 participants – 3 HPN staff

1/15/21 – 34 participants – 3 HPN staff

1/22/21 – 38 participants – 3 HPN staff

St. Augustine, FL – Megan McCloud

By | Global Local Chapter Directors

As an ordained minister and evangelical singer/songwriter, Megan actively speaks and performs her music throughout the community. She has led praise and worship at churches, choreographed and directed children’s musicals, and presented for non-profit organizations. Also an industry professional, Megan has worked on several film and television projects and has interned at local businesses in radio and film.

Her goal is to impact our culture for Christ through prayer, supporting the arts, and learning about the industry of Hollywood. The monthly HPN Kids and Teen Prayer Calendars help to give her a clear direction of who to pray for each month.

Megan shares a unique event in her chapter: creating a short film in one day. “We completed the filming in a day,” Megan says. “It was an original script and it really showed the group how much work goes into making a production. It gave us a new perspective of Hollywood and the memories we made were priceless.”

You can view some of Megan’s work here.

BC, Canada: Bernadine Oby Ihekwoaba

By | Global Local Chapter Directors

As an elementary school teacher, a mother of four children, and a pastor's wife, Bernadine Oby
Ihekwoaba is extremely busy, but she finds time to support Hollywood Prayer Network by praying for
people in the arts, sports, and entertainment industry. She engages friends, sends cards, keeps an eye
on HPN website and affiliates, and organizes meetings in collaboration with CASEPN (Canadian Arts,
Sports, and Entertainment Prayer Networks).

New Year’s Eve Night of Reflection, Vision and Prayer

By | Past Events
Karen and HPN member Cheryl gathered with a small group on Zoom for an hour before the ball dropped. They reflected on 2020, shared vision for 2021 and prayed together as a community of leaders. The group was dressed to the nines and sipped on glasses of bubbly as they enjoyed a wonderful hour of gratitude and connection. A happy New Year indeed!

Sherman Oaks, CA – Alexandra Boylan

By | Global Local Chapter Directors

Alexandra Boylan is an award-winning filmmaker. Her company Mustard Seed Entertainment’s film Catching Faith had a two-year run on Netflix, was on the shelves of Wal-Mart, and is currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime. With a solid understanding of the entertainment industry though her writing, producing, and acting, she has her finger on the pulse of an industry in need of prayer.  Her chapter looks to Christian women in entertainment and engages them by opening her home and creating events where women can find community. Her goal is to connect women who love Jesus and work in the film industry. 

Alexandra is the Outreach Coordinator for Ms In The Biz, and co-collaborator of the book Thriving in Hollywood

Miami, Fl – Gladys Colon

By | Global Local Chapter Directors

The Miami chapter‘s focus is to empower the community of Christian artists, entertainers, and others to Christ through their artistic talents.  By networking, events, prayer meetings, and even providing opportunities, the chapter engages its members and others through this outreach diversity. In the future she has even more plans for reaching others. As director, Gladys Colon makes sure the chapter has productive prayer meetings, she is also keenly attuned to making sure her group remains at a level of moral attributes aligned with the Spirit of God and His grace, and to be influential to others by the Word of God, the power of God, and the testimony.

Austin, Texas – Lynette Lewis

By | Global Local Chapter Directors

While some churches Lynette Lewis reached out to were interested in networking, praying was side-lined. She shares a disappointment she encountered, “Three pastors who thought praying specifically for Hollywood was not good for various reasons.” 

Her experience highlights a reality some of the chapters face in engaging people to pray specifically for the entertainment industry. We must, as Hollywood Prayer Network not only pray for the industry, but for the prayer warriors who are interceding on the industry’s behalf.  She concludes with, “Prayer has been so important in my life and the life of my family that even if there was no HPN we would be praying for such an important mission field!”