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Canada, Ontario, Ottawa – Karen Bourgon

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Karen is a wife and mother of six children, proud grandmother of two grandchildren, and has an extensive background in Administration and Fitness Consulting.  She is the Founder and Director of two ministries – Sister†Hood, a faith based ministry for women, and The Deliverance Network, with its associated Youtube Channel, The Deliverance Network.  With a profound spiritual journey that began with an ‘angel experience’ in 1999, Karen seeks to spread the experiences and ‘words’ she has received over the years, in answer to God’s call, and believes deeply in the power of prayer to change our world.

Karen is passionate about witnessing to the faith and helping women in healing, growth, faith and community, and is particularly passionate about spiritual warfare. Karen is excited at the addition of an HPN Chapter as part of Sister†Hood’s network of powerhouse prayer warriors, and believes it offers strongly targeted spiritual warfare in an area of great influence in our culture.


Gathering for Composers Nov. 13th

By Past Events

Measure for Measure

On November 13th Measure for Measure was attended by 30 music industry professionals. Grammy winner Alex Hitchens was interviewed by Jim Covell. Alex talked about his journey into the music business and the necessity for listening to peoples stories.
The next Measure for Measure event will be in the next quarter of 2022! Stay tuned!!!!

Philippines, Quezon City/Manila/Cavite – Meldean Llanes

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Meldean Pace Llanes is currently the Director of Nationstrategy Philippines. Mel is also the Lead Pastor at the C3 Cavite Church, Philippines. Mel is director of National Transformation and Revival Ministries (NTRM). He works on building character in Philippines Police with the Integrated Transformation Program of the Philippine National Police (ITP-PNP). He is involved with the Hollywood Prayer Network for Media/Entertainment transformation.

Meldean is an alumni of the Haggai Advance Leadership Training Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mel and his wife Loida have three children and live in Cavite, Manila, Philippines. Mel’s passion is helping pastors grow a church for their community. He is an inspirational speaker and coach. He believes and lives national and community transformation. He speaks all over Manila using Ed Delph’s book, Church@Community, to equip pastors, leaders and church people to find a need and meet it in their local community. This class is certified with Nationstrategy. 

Oklahoma, Tulsa – Sheryl Kloehr

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Founder of iRefresh Ministries, ( a prayer ministry that focuses on ordinary women doing extraordinary things through the power of God’s word and prayer. We pray, encourage and inspire each person we pray for to discover their gifts and talents in order to see how God can use them for His Kingdom purpose. We are called to help create prayer teams into every community, across denominations, across cultures and into every nation that brings support to the individual and team. I assist in social media and website design for several businesses, both non-profit and technology businesses.

I’m the mother of David, an actor, writer and producer, walking alongside his dream to create family-friendly content in all platforms through his future production company. Currently working with my husband, Tim, to build a film studio for David’s team and all others who want to utilize the latest technology in a film studio as well as located next to Oral Roberts University where we support their media program for students to have an outlet to practice their skills and provide future jobs upon graduation. With prayer and filming interest, this is a perfect fit to bring prayer into this arena; a goal David wants ongoing in the studio.


Come for the T.A.C.O.S., Stay for the Tacos!

By Past Events


On October 9th, 2021, 34 of our HPN Community gathered in the Covell backyard for a unique and special time of tacos and prayer! Catered by the Medina Family tacos, we all enjoyed delicious tacos and hung out for about the first hour! Then at 7:00, we went into a time of praying through T(thanksgiving), A(adoration),C(confession),O(praying for others), S(praying for self)! It also lined up perfectly with the Lord’s prayer, and we use that as a guide to pray through these areas. It was a remarkable and impactful time!

Singapore – Jacob Isaac

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“To be a friend, a listening ear, a shoulder for leaning and a voice to pray, encourage and uplift”.

Jacob Isaac’s first stint in the industry was playing a supporting role in the popular Singapore drama series, Mata Mata. Following that, he played many roles in corporate advertisements and commercials, e.g. Crime watch and Singapore Airlines Safety Video. He then followed his passion in the fashion industry working with designers and choreographers for a while.

Affiliated with many artists and professionals, he strongly believes in encouraging them by lending a listening ear and praying alongside them. As the Singapore Chapter director, he aims to connect with others who have the desire to pray together for those in the entertainment industry and connect with intercessors on how to raise awareness and pray strategically.

Please contact with prayer requests and/or for more information about how to get involved with the Singapore Chapter. Love and blessings!

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France, Montpellier – Philippe Manzano

By Global Local Chapter Directors

HPN in France is praying for the cinema industry in Hollywood as well as in France. We pray for a holy “nouvelle vague” to happen into this art.

Philippe is a digital missionary at He has a B.A. degree in Cinema and Media Arts and graduated with a Master in business administration that resulted in various management positions and 3 businesses he founded that God used to train him to the call of being full-time digital missionary to create, develop and equip.

Vocamen is a non-profit organization dedicated to sow Christian narrative content into digital mission fields in France and globally through another organization reaching to countries that seem to closed to the Gospel. In this hard task, he’s gathering Christian artists and volunteers from around the world to develop new visions, stories, short films and digital content in various languages.

There is currently (Sept 2021) a 70+ episodes web-series is in the making to reach out to our global disillusioned generations.