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Friday Prayer Call & Zoom Meeting

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Since March 20, HPN has hosted weekly prayer meetings on Zoom, for people to participate via phone or video chat. These one-hour meetings are a fruitful time of connecting during the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing. We lift up topics such as the entertainment industry, health, and finances.

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To join a prayer meeting, check out our local events page.


3/20 – 29 participants – 4 HPN staff

3/27 – 69 participants – 4 HPN staff

4/03 – 74 participants -4 HPN staff

4/10 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/17 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/24 – 51 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/08 – 50 participants – 4 HPN staff

5/15 – 41 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/22 – 44 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/29 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/05 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/12 – 36 participants – 4 HPN staff

6/19 – 37 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/26 – 30 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/03 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/10 – 32 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/17 – 50 participants – 2 HPN staff

7/24 – 44 participants – 2 HPN staff

7/31 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

Lake Avenue Sunday School Class

By | Past Events

Karen Covell spoke to an adult Sunday School class at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, CA, about the Hollywood Prayer Network and serving God in the media industry. It was an impactful time of learning and discussion.

Backyard Fellowship

By | Past Events

Jim and Karen Covell and their dinner guestsKaren and Jim Covell are slowly introducing Dinners For Six again, and they are grateful to connect with some of the incredible friends in our industry in person, (in a socially distanced manner, of course)! A backyard fresh air dinner is perfect!

“Have a Mission Statement”

By | Past Events

Karen had a great time teaching 16 women at THE WELL Zoom bible study on Friday, July 17th entitled, DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE: Identify your personal mission and calling.

She taught how to find their own personal mission statement that they believe God has put them on this earth to live out and then live it out as the reason or purpose for their life.  Karen says, “You can start to discover your purpose by either defining what you are passionate about and want to spend all your time doing or thinking about, or by what makes you particularly angry and you’re driven to do something to change it.  And once you find your purpose, you can soar!”

zoom meeting

Indie Film Workshop

By | Past Events

We hosted a virtual workshop for young filmmakers to learn practical tools and spiritual insights on taking a film from concept to screen. The workshop was led by Spencer Folmar, director, producer, and writer, Veritas Arts, and also featured an extended Q and A portion.

Indie Film Workshop from concept to screen

Counter Culture Podcast

By | Press

Founding director Karen Covell had the privilege of being interviewed on the Counter Culture Podcast. Her talk is titled, “Finding Jesus in Hollywood.”

Listen to the podcast…

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Emotional Health for Creatives

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Virginia Tucker hosted a virtual conversation with Brian Gillette of the School of Supernatural Ministry (SSM). Brian gave a talk on emotional health for creatives. Then participants were placed in Zoom breakout rooms to receive prayer from members of the SSM prayer ministry. It was a fruitful and encouraging time for industry professionals.

Being a Christian in Film and TV

By | Past Events

Community and events coordinator Virginia Tucker hosted a seminar with acting teacher (and HPN Local Chapter Director) Jency Hogan of Baton Rouge, LA. Virginia and Jency shared their wisdom with up-and-coming Christian actors on this Zoom call, discussing topics such as which roles to accept and how to build a good relationship with one’s agent.