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Bastrop, TX – April Knight

By Global Local Chapter Directors

April is a homeschooling mompreneur who has been talking to Jesus about and praying for the entertainment industry since she was a young girl. God likes to speak to April through lines from television shows and movies, and in 2018 she heard Him say, “Save Hollywood, save the world,” in a twist on the tagline from the show Heroes.

Around that time she found Hollywood Prayer Network and soon began receiving the newsletters. She prayed about how to be more involved, and God began moving her toward Bastrop where she finally arrived in July 2019. Since then she’s learned just how deep the industry actually runs in the area, and that she lives near what will soon be three movie studios/production companies: Wyldwood Studios and Studio 968/New Republic ten minutes to the north, a brand new as-yet-unnamed studio complex being built to the east. Troublemaker Studios is only about 20 minutes to the west. God planted her, without her prior knowledge, right in the middle of the industry she’s loved since childhood.

The pandemic slowed down April’s ability to get involved, but in June she approached HPN to see what she could do to help. Her goals for the local industry include regular gatherings of industry professionals to encourage each other and foster deep relationships that build strength, hope, and freedom; build church/industry networks for support; presence on local film sets for support in the midst of work; being a liaison between HPN and the local studios; and creating such an atmosphere in the industry that they don’t even want to produce anything without the support of HPN and local churches because of the drastic difference they see in value, quality, and sense of peace from pre- to post-production.

April is excited to see creativity increase, budgets increase, and doors open for more productions that bring honor and glory to Jesus. She’s ready to see lives changed in front of the screen because of the lives changed behind it.


St. Louis, MO – Jana Gamble

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Jana Gamble

Jana Gamble

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Jana M. Gamble is a Producer, Screenwriter, Assistant Director, Speaker, Author & Advocate. Her company Purposed Productions has a mission to transform hearts and minds around the world through eye-opening entertainment, dynamic Speaker & Artist performances, media-focused youth empowerment, and healing centered events. During the dueling pandemics, Jana found HPN and, while literally fighting COVID-19, heard God’s call to take on the role of the Local Chapter Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network St. Louis (HPNStL) where HPN was birthed 20 years prior.

“1st Mondays” Prayer and Worship Night

By Past Events

HPN’s Karen and Kelry, along with prayer leaders who have been meeting virtually to pray since March 2020, hosted our monthly “1st MONDAYS” PRAYER AND WORSHIP NIGHT. Shun Lee Fong led worship over Zoom, and then each of our attendees received at least one round of one-on-one prayer from an HPN prayer leader.​​​​​​​ The Lord moved powerfully to encourage industry professionals through prayer and worship. We host these nights monthly on the first Monday of the month on ZOOM to pour into industry professionals from all over who are in need of encouragement and a Word from The Lord. If you’re interested in joining, REGISTER HERE.

Friday Prayer ZOOM CALL

By Past Events

Since March 20, 2020 HPN has hosted weekly prayer meetings on Zoom, for people to participate via phone or video chat. These one-hour meetings are a fruitful time of connecting during the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing. We lift up topics such as the entertainment industry, health, and finances.

Screenshot of Zoom call on Laptop

To join a prayer meeting, check out our local events page.


3/20 – 29 participants – 4 HPN staff

3/27 – 69 participants – 4 HPN staff

4/03 – 74 participants -4 HPN staff

4/10 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/17 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/24 – 51 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/08 – 50 participants – 4 HPN staff

5/15 – 41 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/22 – 44 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/29 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/05 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/12 – 36 participants – 4 HPN staff

6/19 – 37 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/26 – 30 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/03 – 43 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/10 – 32 participants – 3 HPN staff

7/17 – 50 participants – 2 HPN staff

7/24 – 44 participants – 2 HPN staff

7/31 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

8/07 – 30 participants – 3 HPN staff

8/14 – 34 participants – 3 HPN staff

8/21 – 37 participants – 2 HPN staff

8/28 – 28 participants – 2 HPN staff

9/04 – 43 participants – 2 HPN staff

9/11 – 39 participants – 2 HPN staff

9/18 – 47 participants – 1 HPN staff

9/25 – 36 participants – 2 HPN staff

10/02 – 33 participants – 3 HPN staff

10/09 – 32 participants – 4 HPN staff

10/16 – 33 participants – 3 HPN staff

10/23 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

10/30 – 30 participants – 3 HPN staff

11/06 – 40 participants – 3 HPN staff

11/13/20 – 34 participants – 3 HPN staff

11/20/20 – 42 participants – 3 HPN staff

12/04/20 – 43  participants – 2 HPN staff

12/11/20 – 36 participants – 2 HPN staff

12/18/20 – 32 participants – 4 HPN staff

1/08/21 – 40 participants – 3 HPN staff

1/15/21 – 34 participants – 3 HPN staff

1/22/21 – 38 participants – 3 HPN staff

1/29/21 – 32 participants – 3 HPN staff

2/05/21 – 40 participants – 2 HPN staff

2/12/21 – 40 participants – 3 HPN staff

2/26/21 – 39 participants – 4 HPN staff

3/5/21 – 54 participants – 4 HPN staff

3/12/21 – 41 participants – 3 HPN staff

3/19/21 – 43 participants – 2 HPN staff

3/26/21 – 45 participants – 2 HPN staff

4/2/21 – 46 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/9/21 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/16/21 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/23/21 – 41 participants – 3 HPN staff

4/30/21- 38 participants – 3 HPN staff

5/7/31 – 31 participants – 2 HPN staff

5/14/21 – 42 participants – 2 HPN staff

5/21/21 – 37 participants – 2 HPN staff

5/28/21 – 44 participants – 2 HPN staff

6/4/21 – 42 participants – 3 HPN staff

6/11/21 – 39 participants – 3 HPN staff

Prophetic Night of Prayer and Worship

By Past Events

DSM Hollywood

On May 22nd, 2021 75 industry professionals gathered at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood and had a night of Prophetic Prayer and Worship, led by Pastor Dan Sherstad and DSM Hollywood. This was a wonderful night for the community, where every attendee worshipped and then received prophetic prayer from the team members of DSM Hollywood.

National Day of Prayer 2021: “RENEW HOLLYWOOD”

By Past Events

National Day of Prayer

On Thursday night May 6th, Hollywood Prayer Network hosted the 27th Annual National Day of Prayer Celebration! Held at the campus of the First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, we hosted 86 people in person, and 83 people on ZOOM for our first ever Virtual and In-Person combination event! We had a live worship team with Worship Leaders Shun Lee Fong, and Kelry Kirschenmann, and Saxophonist Tim Kirschenmann. With prayer leaders that were both online and physically present, we prayed for renewal in Hollywood, our nation, and the world using the 5 C’s: Culture, Community, Creatives, Calling, and Commission!

Good Friday Back Yard Prayer & Worship Night

By Past Events

On Good Friday 2021, 30 of us gathered for our first in-person event in over a year- a Back Yard Prayer & Worship night at the Covell’s. From 7pm to 9pm we had a beautiful time of acoustic worship and prayer led by Tim and Kelry Kirschenmann. Worship was contemplative and spirit-led, with times of individual and breakout group prayer, as well as a beautiful time of communion.

BE STILL… Soul Care for Creatives

By Past Events

March 27th 2021 - Soul Care for Creatives

On March 27th, 30 participants and 3 HPN staff members participated in a beautiful and refreshing time of “Soul Care” led by HPN friend and Soul Coach Yolanda Miller.  Yolanda led the group through a series of exercises designed to still and quiet the soul, while allowing us to focus on Scripture, and God the Father’s great love for us. We will be having more of these events in the future, so stay tuned!

“Cabin Fever” Table Topics Game Night

By Past Events

HPN hosted a “Cabin Fever” Table Topics Game Night on March 19th, 2021. This was a fun night with over 40 participants! We broke our attendees up into breakout rooms of 10 attendees each, and both asked and answered Table Topics questions. The questions were both fun and faith-focused in nature, and new friendships were formed, and fellowship was genuine and relaxed!

Lexington, KY – Catherine Gaffney

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Catherine has spent her entire adult life integrating her faith and her art. From early days with City Lights Theatre Company in San Francisco, to Taproot Theatre in Seattle (where she met her writer husband, Sean), to BADD (Bel Air Drama Dept) in LA, to getting her MFA in Acting/Directing at Regent University and now teaching acting at Asbury University – she has seen the power that stories can have for audiences in all walks of life. Catherine and Sean (Screenwriting Professor at Asbury University) enjoy helping artists of faith connect.”It’s such a joy to share our journeys with each other,” Catherine says.