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Come for the T.A.C.O.S., Stay for the Tacos!

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On October 9th, 2021, 34 of our HPN Community gathered in the Covell backyard for a unique and special time of tacos and prayer! Catered by the Medina Family tacos, we all enjoyed delicious tacos and hung out for about the first hour! Then at 7:00, we went into a time of praying through T(thanksgiving), A(adoration),C(confession),O(praying for others), S(praying for self)! It also lined up perfectly with the Lord’s prayer, and we use that as a guide to pray through these areas. It was a remarkable and impactful time!

Singapore – Jacob Isaac

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“To be a friend, a listening ear, a shoulder for leaning and a voice to pray, encourage and uplift”.

Jacob Isaac’s first stint in the industry was playing a supporting role in the popular Singapore drama series, Mata Mata. Following that, he played many roles in corporate advertisements and commercials, e.g. Crime watch and Singapore Airlines Safety Video. He then followed his passion in the fashion industry working with designers and choreographers for a while.

Affiliated with many artists and professionals, he strongly believes in encouraging them by lending a listening ear and praying alongside them. As the Singapore Chapter director, he aims to connect with others who have the desire to pray together for those in the entertainment industry and connect with intercessors on how to raise awareness and pray strategically.

Please contact with prayer requests and/or for more information about how to get involved with the Singapore Chapter. Love and blessings!

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Montpellier, France – Philippe Manzano

By Global Local Chapter Directors

HPN in France is praying for the cinema industry in Hollywood as well as in France. We pray for a holy “nouvelle vague” to happen into this art.

Philippe is a digital missionary at He has a B.A. degree in Cinema and Media Arts and graduated with a Master in business administration that resulted in various management positions and 3 businesses he founded that God used to train him to the call of being full-time digital missionary to create, develop and equip.

Vocamen is a non-profit organization dedicated to sow Christian narrative content into digital mission fields in France and globally through another organization reaching to countries that seem to closed to the Gospel. In this hard task, he’s gathering Christian artists and volunteers from around the world to develop new visions, stories, short films and digital content in various languages.

There is currently (Sept 2021) a 70+ episodes web-series is in the making to reach out to our global disillusioned generations.

Bakersfield, CA – Joe Brown

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Joe Brown leads a monthly 30-minute prayer walk around local movie theaters and other news or entertainment outlets. He also works with the Kern Leadership Alliance and the Christian Youth Film Society to encourage and equip the next generation of Christian film makers.

Grand Haven, MI – Kristen Collier

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Kristen is co-founder/animator of Collier Animation Studio and Roku developer/co-founder of Creative Motion Network, a free, cutting-edge indie Christian Roku channel she built with her husband to help independent creatives get more exposure. She is also a volunteer producer at the new Studio 3:16, Home (, a community and student  ministry at their church and co-founder of Xian Wear apparel, XIAN WEAR – Home ( CAS is producing their first animated cartoon, “Benny the Barnacle,” Benny the Barnacle (TV Series 2022– ) – IMDb that features notable believers like Corbin Bernsen and Lou Gramm, from the rock group Foreigner. Kristen believes animation is the future of Christian media, because it’s like eye candy that has the ability to reach the largest possible market – kids and unsaved adults.  

Atlanta, GA – Cassandra Hollis

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Cassandra Hollis joined the Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) soon after completing her MA in Communications at Georgia State University, where she majored in TV Production. Researching Christians in Hollywood, God led her to HPN. A working Actor, trained at the Yale University Conservatory for Actors, Cassandra has had recurring roles on true crime series on both the TV One Network and the ID Channel.

The Atlanta Chapter was established and led by Kim Oberhou in 2002. Cassandra later accepted the baton from Kim. As Chapter Director, Cassandra and ATL HPN members intercede for the state of Georgia, Hollywood and the mountain of entertainment and media as a whole. They meet regularly via phone conference call to Pray. Within the last decade, the state of Georgia has grown into a top 3 destination in the world for film and tv production. To God be the Glory.

Please contact with Prayer Requests and/or for more information about how to get involved with the Atlanta Chapter. God Bless you!

Jerusalem, Israel – Chris Mitchell

By Global Local Chapter Directors

When the world’s attention turns its attention to the explosive Middle East, CBN viewers have come to appreciate Chris Mitchell’s timely reports in this region of the world.  Mitchell brings a Biblical and prophetic perspective to the daily news events that shape our world.

Mitchell established the CBN News Middle East Bureau in August 2000.  Since then, he’s covered the major events in the region including the Second Intifada, the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the Arab Spring of 2011 and the rise of ISIS in 2014.  He reported from Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the front lines of the battle with ISIS and told the story of the persecuted Christians from the Middle East.

Mitchell also serves as Executive Director of “Jerusalem Dateline,” a weekly program covering the Middle East.  In 2015, the National Religious Broadcasters presented “Jerusalem Dateline” the Most Creative Programming award.  Mitchell is also the author of Dateline Jerusalem: An Eyewitness Account of Prophecies Unfolding in the Middle East and Destination Jerusalem: ISIS, Convert or Die, Christian Persecution and Preparing for the Days Ahead.  He is currently writing a third book about the continuing developments in the region. 

Mitchell graduated from the University of New Hampshire and earned a M.A. in Communication from Regent University.  After almost a quarter of a century with CBN News, Chris’s goal is to provide in his stories the Biblical “understanding of the times” described in I Chronicles 12:32.

Imago Dei – Monthly Worship Nights for the Industry Community

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Imago DeiHPN’s new monthly worship nights IMAGO DEI are in partnership with 2 young industry professionals with a heart to see the community regularly getting together to pray, worship, and experience God together. This quickly growing part of the ministry draws a diverse crowd, all who are hungry for relationship and going further in their faith. Following our time of worship, the attendees have the chance to receive prayer, break bread together, and learn about the local ministries that are thriving in LA! Join us!

A Bright Light for the Gospel: Hollywood Prayer Network Celebrates 20 Years of Uplifting Christian Entertainers

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As one of the longest-running ministries for the entertainment industry, the Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) just passed a huge milestone, celebrating its 20th birthday.

On Saturday, Aug. 14, more than 400 people attended their live gala hosted at First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, California.

The head of the ministry is founder Karen Covell, who is a film producer by trade. Covell moved to Los Angeles to pursue her education at the University of Southern California for film production and married her husband who is a music producer for motion pictures. They immediately realized how hard it was for people of faith to work in the entertainment industry and they needed prayer.

They found a small group of Christians and began to pray together. It made a huge difference in her life but Covell still felt unsettled.

“It’s good that we pray for ourselves. But what Christians don’t have who work in the media and arts and entertainment industry is churches and other Christians who will pray for them,” she said. “I realized there was a love-hate relationship between churches and the arts and entertainment. But if you pray for somebody, you can’t hate them! So I got the church to pray for Hollywood and it has been the bridge to relationship.”

When asked what she has seen in the past 20 years in Hollywood, Covell remarked, “In the last 20 years, I am most excited about three different things that fill my heart. Christians are forming a beautiful community in Hollywood. We have 15 active ministries here. We have so many churches that industry professionals are going to. We have small groups, prayer groups, prayer walks, Bible studies on all of the studio lots. Friendships where people not only hang out together, and laugh and cry but they hire each other and are working together. I am seeing a growing community.”

“Another thing we are seeing is that industry people are wanting to share their faith! They are sharing with co-workers, bosses, employees! It is growing!” she added. “I am seeing Christians on the outside of Hollywood who are not looking at it the same way. They are willing to pray now, to see it as a mission field and send young people who are talented to work here.”

Believers and churches in Hollywood say that prayer has been the force that has created so much empowerment for the current generation of people of faith. They are flooding the entertainment industry as missionaries in the mainstream media as well as making faith-based projects on a scale that hasn’t been seen before.

There are over 12,000 known and committed Christians in professions just in Hollywood itself, according to the Hollywood Prayer Network. And this number is growing daily even through the rough pandemic season of 2021.

Covell and her team have spent thousands of hours creating a relationship between churches and ministries who will pray for studios and professionals who work in the entertainment industry. They have also started more than 130 HPN chapters with over 12,000 intercessors around the world who share the same mission.  Their mission is to identify, connect and empower Christians who are working throughout the entertainment industry, uniting and encouraging them with prayer and community, equipping them to live lives that demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.

We asked Covell, how can Christians pray for Hollywood?

“We need more Christians to find each other, recommit their faith, and to join in what God is doing to move and build us up as a shining bright light,” she said. “We need more believers to share their faith. If more people become Christians in Hollywood, we know the environment will change and the content will change.”

“We need more prayer warriors outside of Hollywood to pray with us,” Covell continued. “We need intercessors that are willing to pray for one industry professional who is a Christian who becomes their prayer partner. We need more local chapters around the world to meet the need in the world’s most influential mission field.”

When asked what her hope would be for the next 20 years of the Hollywood Prayer Network, Covell said, “I hope that God is so present in Hollywood that people’s lives will change and that Christians are so full of the Holy Spirit that they will share their faith and that non-believers will become Christians.”

“I am praying that Hollywood Prayer Network is no longer necessary because it’s happening organically!” she added. “I want to be put out of business because the Holy Spirit has taken the industry for Himself!”

The Hollywood Prayer Network is the fastest-growing entertainment ministry of its kind. You can become an intercessor for the arts and entertainment industries all over the world by visiting them at

Shawn Bolz is the founder of Bolz Ministries. He is the host of the Exploring the Prophetic podcast and is also the host of the YouTube series: Your Prophetic Journey.