Actors Dilemma: Milestone? Where’s the Destination?

By March 6, 2014News & Articles

“…and they lived happily ever after.” How many stories end with that line? Probably about as many as Industry believers step off the plane at LAX and proclaim that they made it! No, just as Prince Charming and his newly rescued beloved have another journey of life ahead of them, so does the believer and Christ have a journey together once they arrive in Hollywood. It takes a lot of faith to hear the call to entertainment Insdustry and probably more to actually arrive here. So why is it that a surprisingly large number of the called don’t last a full year? I’m not the only one who had just assumed “All I need to do is somehow get to Hollywood, and God will take care of the rest.” Well, there’s more truth in that statement than most people are comfortable with, and there’s usually nothing “happily” about it for quite a long time. Of all the veteran believers in Hollywood , every one of them (including myself) has had to go through spiritual gauntlets which (by divine design) no one could possibly prepare for. Most have assumed that God’s favor meant shortcuts to success, but from what I have seen, the opposite is more often the case. There is a refining which the loving father puts us through. There are deserts and crucibles which only God can orchestrate and only by his grace can we endure. Believers learn to rely on one another, work with each other, build professional and Godly character, place aside denominational differences and learn to collaborate in unison. It’s not a foreign concept that Hollywood is not a safe place, especially for believers. Maybe that is one of the reasons why Yeshua calls us here.

So, if Hollywood isn’t the destination, what is? How does one know when one has arrived, made it, successful, fruitful? Those questions cross the mind of everyone in Hollywood .  Everyone has their own fears, insecurities, anxieties and breakdowns. So, what can you do? Pray. We covet your prayers. Pray for spiritual stamina, grace, patience, unity, and peace. Pray against spiritual attack, discouragement, disunity and misunderstandings. There are more believers in Hollywood than you probably are aware of and we need your prayers and petitions to come before the throne of grace on our behalf.

By Chuck Hayes, Actor/writer

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