West Des Moines, Iowa

David Gaumer

About David:
I live in West Des Moines Ia.  I grew up a few miles south of here in Indianola, the home of Simpson College and the world renowned Des Moines Metro Opera. My interest in movies and all things to do with movies started in grade school after my father took me to see the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey at the biggest theatre in the area, and I never forgot it. The music, the effects, all aspects of film production. I built up a movie soundtrack collection at one time of about 150 LP soundtracks, John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith being my favorites. I went to Simpson and studied theatre and received a BA in Theatre. I ended up going into the business world after college but built up a movie encyclopedia in my brain that has never diminished. Based on recent events in Hollywood it has been impressed upon me more than ever the need for prayer for that business and culture and the need for Christ more than ever. I hope to help Iowans more aware of this ministry and to instead of complain about it, get down on our knees as we would for any other mission field.