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Washington D.C.

Chuck Paris
Producer/Director/Actor & Ordained Chaplain providing location services for film shoots

The Washington, DC chapter meets monthly at Convergence in Alexandria, VA.

The Hollywood Prayer Network, Washington, D.C. chapter, is strategically based in the center of world political power and surrounded by film offices and filmmakers in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Washington, D.C. hosts our national monuments and serves as a filmmaker’s sought-after location for intrigue, crime, drama, and patriotism.

If you live or work in the Washington, D.C. region, and are part of the film industry, you are invited to join our chapter for networking, support, prayer, and outreach. If you are visiting the Washington, D.C. region, you are welcome to contact us, for all the same reasons.

We also direct you to a faith-based tour of the Washington, D.C. monuments and memorials while you are in town. Contact David Elliot at David Elliot Leadership or CycleDC who can provide walking, biking, photographic, bus, or Metro (subway) tours.

David Elliot Leadership: www.DavidElliotLeadership.com

CycleDC: www.CycleDC.com

The Museum of the Bible (MOTB) is located in Washington, DC. It features a multimedia experience, concert hall, live exhibits and the history of scripture and the Bible. Be sure to visit the MOTB if you live in or visit the DC area.