Kampala, Uganda

Balikoowa Joshua

It’s a privilege for us in Uganda to be part of the vision of Hollywood Prayer Network, working  together for the glory of God through creativity and media. There’s a spiritual revival already spoken about that’s going to come out of Uganda. I believe that Hollywood Prayer Network working with our Chapter is going to be a spark that will ignite revival in the whole region of Uganda, so that all cultures, tribes, and languages will witness what God’s doing through art and creativity.

Our Chapter is a vibrant prayer ministry rooted from an individualistic pattern of thinking both spiritually and morally that seeks to remove the loopholes of a society whose collectivistic thinking has been a roadblock against creativity, innovation, and invention among local talent and industry professionals in church and outside church.

I believe that both young and old peoples need permission, encouragement, and opportunities to utilise their creative gifts for the glory of God. Our chapter – as a prayer ministry – will create kingdom minded culture to generate art, literature, and film that reflects the true, the good, and beautiful in Uganda. Therefore, I am calling forth every local talent, industry professionals, church leaders, lay people, church leaders from all denominations to be part of what the Lord has started through our local chapter prayer ministry. God has called and blessed us as prophets through literary and creative art to broadcast his message of salvation, hope, and grace to the world. I believe that when we pray for God to change artists and industry professionals in Hollywood to reflect the true  character of God inside and outside Hollywood, the same spirit springing from one of the largest mission field on earth, will capture our artists in Uganda like a magnet for the glory of God. This is the Lord’s doing folks!

We’re agents of change. Transformation has began with us. Let us dream big and prepare our next generation for a lifetime harvest because of prayer and action. There’s a great harvest in Uganda brother and sisters. Let us join hands together, with our knees laid on ground and call forth heaven on earth through art and media. Let the spirit of art and excellence fall on every artist in Uganda for God’s glory. Amen.