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Rev. Rosemary Curto

As the capitol of California, Sacramento is the center of state politics and home to a thriving local art scene. With so many artists franticly trying to get their “big break,” a servant’s heart and trust in God’s sovereignty is imperative in order to be truly successful in this competitive business. We hope to unite Northern and Southern California in prayer for Hollywood and to help artists hone their craft while discovering God’s unique and divine purpose for their life.

HPN Sacramento, CA is committed to:
1. Lifting Hollywood up in prayer and ministering to the industry’s needs with a servant’s heart.
2. Raising up a generation of believers passionate about art and their Savior.
3. Guiding and training artistic Christians in their chosen career so that they may excel and shine in their God-given gifts.

A Heart For Hollywood, October 2018

Resurgence of Righteousness

Challenging times cause fear, hate and unrest. The result is a judgmental attitude and disunity. We don’t want this for our own hearts or for the Heart of Hollywood. I believe we all long for a more civil and peaceful life.

Let’s all step back for a moment to see what our part is in the Restoration of Righteousness. Proverbs 26:21 As charcoal is to burning coals, and wood to fire, So is a contentious man to kindle strife. God’s promise, Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirs up strife, But Love covers all sins. We all need Spiritual Heart Surgery so that the God of Love can teach us to Honor and Love one another with Compassion. Certainly the actions of many in Hollywood need to show Compassion as we all should be doing for them. Let us all strive for unity. Psalms 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! God give us Compassionate Hearts and stop the strife.

Our October Prayer Focus:

For all in Hollywood whose hearts and souls are wounded and need “Spiritual Heart Surgery”. God knows their names. If needed, add your own name to the list.