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Rev. Rosemary Curto

As the capitol of California, Sacramento is the center of state politics and home to a thriving local art scene. With so many artists franticly trying to get their “big break,” a servant’s heart and trust in God’s sovereignty is imperative in order to be truly successful in this competitive business. We hope to unite Northern and Southern California in prayer for Hollywood and to help artists hone their craft while discovering God’s unique and divine purpose for their life.

HPN Sacramento, CA is committed to:
1. Lifting Hollywood up in prayer and ministering to the industry’s needs with a servant’s heart.
2. Raising up a generation of believers passionate about art and their Savior.
3. Guiding and training artistic Christians in their chosen career so that they may excel and shine in their God-given gifts.

A Heart For Hollywood, July, 2018

As you can see, I am late with my message this month. I have been pondering what to write ever since a former child actor accused many in Hollywood of pedophilia. For me, abusing innocent children is unspeakable. We have to choose not to hate. I finally came to the conclusion that the Love of Jesus is the answer.

I am asking the Kingdom Prayer Warriors to extend their hands towards Southern California (Hollywood) and ask God to pour out a healing, compassionate love over ALL involved and to keep pouring. It is between you and Jesus how many times to do this Prophetic Act. But His Word says to “Pray without ceasing”. We must break this stronghold of the evil one. Pray that all those who need to be will be revealed. He is the God of Compassion and Forgiveness, but also holds the Key to Justice.

Expect God to act because of our prayers.

Our July Prayer Focus:

That all children in the entertainment industry would be protected from sexual predators, both male and female.

Rev. Rosemary Curto, HPN Director for Sacramento, CA. area