Please be sure to read the guidelines following the application form before submitting!

Industry Professional Application

Hollywood Prayer Network is blessed to have you join our One-to-One Prayer Partnerships. Our ministry goal at HPN is to connect you, the industry professional, with an intercessor who will commit to pray for you personally as you serve the Lord with your talent/craft up front or behind the scenes in Hollywood. To help us start the process, please fill out the application below. All information is for confidential use only. Thank you for allowing HPN to connect you with an intercessor as you live and work in Hollywood, the most influential mission field in the world. We are eager to see that you receive prayer for your work in our industry and know it will be a great encouragement to you.
    If "Yes," please make sure your spouse also fills out an Industry Professional application (even if they do not work in the entertainment industry).
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Guidelines for Industry Professionals Receiving Prayer:

The ministry of Hollywood Prayer Network is to serve you through personal prayer.  Thank you for joining the network of prayer and humbly recognizing how much we all depend on the Lord.  We hope by receiving prayer you will be better supported and equipped to carry out the significant role that the Lord has called you to in service to Him! By submitting this application, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. The intercessor who will be praying for you has been asked to make the first contact. Please respond by introducing yourself and share with them how often you would like communication and what is your preference for communication (email, phone, in person, snail mail etc.)
  2. It is your responsibility to update your intercessor with requests, praises, and concerns. Please try to keep your prayer partner informed so that he can pray for your needs with current information. We suggest that you give updates at least once a month. Also, be sure to give your intercessor praise reports/updates on the requests you have given so they will know how to pray better for you.
  3. Be assured that all your information will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Your intercessor has agreed not to discuss your requests with anyone and are not allowed to forward them to any other website or email address.
  4. If your prayer partner wants a more or less significant relationship with you than you are comfortable with, please contact your partner and discuss your expectations with them or call us at 323-462-8486. We will talk to your intercessor to remind her of the importance of being sensitive to your needs.
  5. If over time as you get to know your prayer partner a little better, feel free to connect with them as you both feel is appropriate. If for some reason the prayer partnership does not seem to be working out, please call or email us so we can help you both achieve better results.
  6. We believe with all our hearts that “the fervent, effectual prayer of the righteous avails much,” and that “with God all things are possible.” So, expectantly release your faith for the dreams and visions God has given you in your call, and together we will see His glory touch your life as you serve Him in Hollywood. We want to hear the praises you encounter along the way. Please be sure to email us with your updates