“Pray often, for prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan.” John Bunyan

HPN is mobilizing prayer and uniting Christians in Hollywood with our LA Entertainment Neighborhood Prayer Walks! We have sectioned off the Greater City of Los Angeles into 16 distinct “Tribes” or areas. Within each tribe there are many different types of production and even cultures. We hope to have a prayer walk group in each tribe encircling production companies, film schools, theaters, entertainment ministries, etc. with the power of prayer. We would love to see the city of LA completely covered in the prayers of the saints and growing united by the millions of people that call this city home. For those interested in becoming a prayer walk leader, read the info below the map and contact us! If you are interested in joining a walk, look below the map and click your tribe leader’s name to email them.

North San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita – Tribe 1
West San Fernando Valley – Tribe 2
North Hollywood – Tribe 3
Ventura Blvd – Tribe 4
Burbank/Glendale – Tribe 5
Pasadena/Azusa/Glendora – Tribe 6
Hollywood – Tribe 7
Beverly Hills – Tribe 8
West LA – Tribe 9
Beach Cities – Tribe 10
Downtown LA – Tribe 11
South LA – Tribe 12
Malibu – Tribe 13
Mid City – Tribe 14
Palos Verdes/Long Beach – Tribe 15
East LA – Tribe 16

Lorraine Coconato 
Cortney Matz  and Jeff Reed
Daniella Romero and Carly Marconi
Karen Covell
Kathy Young and Veronica Garcia
Kirsten Roquemore
Kirsten Leigh and Janey Anderson
Kevin & Naima Lett
Available – Leader Needed
Available – Leader Needed
Tom Grode and Lacy Murrell
Available – Leader Needed
Stephanie Hutchinson
Available – Leader Needed
Available – Leader Needed
Available – Leader Needed

If you would like to LEAD a Neighborhood Prayer Walk: 

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an LA Entertainment Neighborhood Prayer Walk Leader for one of our 16 Los Angeles “Tribes”! Hollywood Prayer Network is believing that these prayer walks will tremendously impact the industry, the people and the city of Los Angeles.

Below we’ve drawn out some Guidelines for leading a prayer walk:

  • These walks are created to be Entertainment-based. We encourage prayer for the PEOPLE, PROJECTS and PRODUCTIONS in your area.
  • Attend an HPN Studio Lot Prayer Walk first to get an idea of how other prayer walks work.
  • Start MONTHLY. Begin by gathering a group once a month to pray at the same or different areas in your tribe. The frequency of your prayer walks can increase if desired. Look on the map to find out which of the 14 tribes you’re in!
  • Build your Email List. Start creating a database for those you’d like to invite and build on it as your group increases. Starting with just one person is a great place to begin.
  • Download and print the Kids & Teen Prayer Calendar to use while on your prayer walk.
  • After looking through the locations we have listed in your tribe, let us know if we should add any.
  • Be open to the Lord’s prompting and praise Him for how blessed we are to live in a place where we are able to have prayer walks!
  • Don’t worry about how many are on your walk. “If two or more are gathered in My name, then I am there.” So, you can walk with as many or as few people as possible. Just know that walking the land makes an eternal difference.
  • You can even do virtual walks. You can take your area and put in the different stops on your computer and have a virtual walk through them.
  • Please let us know about any other production companies, post-production houses, studios, networks, agencies, recording studios, museums, galleries, local TV stations, or any other entertainment or arts related buildings in your tribe. We’ll add it to the on-line list and then we can get more specific places to pray all over the city!
  • Please email Erin@hpnemail.org if you are interested in becoming an LA Neighborhood Prayer Walker Leader, to join as a prayer walker and for any other questions.