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Phoenix, Arizona

Robert & Jacque Hall,

We invite you to join with us and become a part of the exciting work God is now doing to bring cultural revival to America by transforming Hollywood!

Here in the Hollywood Club, we are seeing God’s Spirit fill and empower people in the Phoenix / Mesa area who we believe will literally rock the world because of their prayers and passion for Hollywood! In the Hollywood Club, we have made a commitment to partner with God in this tremendous work of “Preparing the Next Generation to Transform Hollywood.” We emphasize Learning about the Hollywood mission field – its significance, its unique challenges, its worldviews; Growing in the grace and knowledge of our own Christian faith and learning how to effectively communicate it to others; Developing a lifestyle of regular, committed prayer for Hollywood in all its aspects; and Preparing future missionaries to Hollywood by providing them practical instruction and information related to colleges and careers in the entertainment industry. And if you are already an industry professional, we want to pray for and encourage you, as you are the salt and light God is using to make a difference in our entertainment and media-conscious world!