Aalesund, Norway

Ole-André Rønneberg

Hollywood Prayer Network Aalesund is located in the west coast of Norway, where the fjords beautifully meanders through the landscape, and the sky high mountains dives deep down into the water. The spectacular nature makes this to one of the most alluring places in the world. It is very attractive when it seldom bades in the sun, and dramatic and dark when the sun is absent.

During winter, the unfriendly and cold climate is drawing Norwegians towards the television and cinemas where much of the content is Hollywood made. Me and my chapter want to pray for the content shown to people around the world made by Hollywood and by the local film industry. We will pray for the people in the business, and that the industry will be a industry filled with Christians who can be light and salt. I am making films myself, and through storytelling I will tell stories that can point towards God, and make Him more available to everybody.

Please, contact me if you are curious about what I do, the location here, and if you need an international praying buddy.