Charlotte, North Carolina

Victor Marshall

We want to pray also for the surrounding areas: Lake Norman, Davidson, Huntersville, and Morrisville!

Hello my name is Victor Marshall and I am the visionary of the creative vision concerning The Gods Glory Radio Show I was born in the Great Northern District, known to many of us as Northern Virginia. I spent most of my life living around our national capital Washington DC known to many know now to many as the DMV. I also studied in the field of radio communications at the Columbia School of Broadcasting. I am and always have been a very ambitious young man that has a heart to serve the Lord. God has called me to minister and pray with and for entertainers and others that need prayer. I have connected with the Hollywood Prayer Network as a means to creating and opening a new location in Charlotte North Carolina. The area chosen by me is the Lake Norman, Davidson,Huntersville,Mooresville area. I feel that as a community we can get together on one accord to pray for many that need our prayers in Hollywood or anywhere needed. My past has allowed me to spent most of my natural ability to network to quickly build relationships with others.God has honored me to have a relationship him and as a vessel and tool on my down time I feel that it is very important that we share him with others. God is looking for us to be instruments to win souls for the kingdom.God ordered my foot steps to become a 501c3 ministry (The Marshall Group Worldwide Ministries), Victor Marshall is also the CEO,Founder and owner of The Glory Network a global network working with ministries locally,nationally and Internationally. Victor Marshall is as a powerful speaker and teacher on the airways on The Glory Network. Victor Marshall is the executive producer and also host of  “The God’s Glory Radio Show”.Now after spending some years in Atlanta, God transitioned my wife and I to move from Atlanta, Georgia right here to “The Queen City” known to many as Charlotte, North Carolina, allowing me to revamp and build this global  vision. With a lot of time and careful prayer we began a new building process surrounding the church parents, young adults and even the young, not only Charlotte-Mecklenburg but other surrounding areas.God would bless me and give me the entire region allowing me to capture various cultures and ages from all walks of life both saved and unsaved. Today I am still in the building process working on the vision. We hope this ministry will not only build you but change your life. I believe as a community right here in Lake Norman, Davidson,Huntersville,Mooresville area that we can help touch lives and change many lives right there in Hollywood California.

God Bless,

Victor Marshall,Founder, Executive Producer, Host

The Marshall Group Worldwide Ministries
The God’s Glory Radio Show