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New Devotional by Kathleen Cooke

By November 1, 2017News & Articles

Hope 4 Today: Staying Connected to God in a Distracted Culture

HPN Board Member Kathleen Cooke’s 4-days-a-week devotional is releasing on November 15th, 2017. On why she chose the 4-day format, Kathleen says, “4 days a week of Bible engagement allows you to not feel overwhelmed or guilty when you can’t open the Bible daily. Most devotionals are based on 7 days a week. We purchase them intending to open the Bible everyday and quickly find we’re behind. So, we either toss it aside completely, or read several days at one time and get little out of it because we’re rushing through the entries to catch up. Hope 4 Today makes reading the Bible doable — manageable.”

On the content of the devotional entries, Kathleen says, “Hope 4 Today is based on my work in media and entertainment with Cooke Pictures for the past 25 years and my life growing up, raising kids, and navigating a lifelong marriage. Each entry tells stories, asks questions, and many may challenge your thinking. This is how Jesus taught. But the ultimate focus is for the reader to focus on God and to hear from Him for their personal life.” 

You can receive a free downloadable sample of the book by texting the word 4Today to the number 54900, and providing your email address.

You can also pre-order Hope 4 Today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or on Kathleen’s website (downloadable sample also available).

Click here to read Kathleen Cooke’s bio.

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