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Madrid, Spain

Hector & Lilli Ramirez
Producing Artistic Directors, Aslan Theatre WorkShop

Madrid is Spain’s administrative, financial and transportation centre. It is a city of four million people and one of the most influential in Europe, famous for its historical landmarks, museums, art galleries, parks, monuments and buildings, as well as for it´s very active and exciting night life. It’s also a city in great need of contemporary art, which not only enriches and enhances our appreciation of aesthetic beauty and celebrates the good things of our God given humanity, instead of the baser parts of our fallen nature. It needs art that can also confront the moral and spiritual decadence of our times which is becoming so evident in our homes, schools, universities and streets.

Hector & Lilli Ramírez, producing artistic directors of Aslan PAC, are artists with an extensive background and experience in theatre and dance as well as in missions through organizations like YWAM, Wycliffe Bible translators and others. They are committed wholeheartedly to seeing the Lordship of Christ established in the area of the arts and entertainment industry in Spain.

From Hector:

“My passion and calling is to the performing arts, theatre and dance. It is clear, as we look at our present situation in Spain and Europe, for that matter, that we are living in a post Christian society, in the midst of a culture that has already lost all interest in the need to have some kind of moral and spiritual values, and therefore is no longer able to discern between good and sound entertainment and something which is not even worth a minute of our time. The shallowness, frivolity and immorality which has been so much part of the popular media as well as the cultural and artistic movements of our time, has clearly contributed to the erosion of good values in modern European society. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the value of the arts and entertainment industry as catalysts for spiritual awakening and cultural reformation. We believe that as Christians we can be a living testimony of God’s presence in this much needed arena.

We, Aslan Performing Arts Centre, exist as a non-profit cultural organization based in Madrid, our purpose is to create and produce aesthetically meaningful and relevant works of art that can contribute to entertain, edify, educate and bring integration and harmony to our surrounding community as well as to the society as a whole.”