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20150509_133528 My name is David Gaumer and I am the new Chapter Director in Central Iowa. I currently live in Madrid, IA, which is 20 minutes northwest of Des Moines. I grew up south of Madrid in Indianola and have lived in Des Moines or said area ever since. I am married to Elaine (see picture) and we celebrate our 20th anniversary on July 8 of this year. We have 6 kids ranging in age from 24 to 7, 5 still at home (see picture). I also have a one year old granddaughter named Serenity. I saw my first movie in a theatre when I was probably 5 years old, my dad took me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey at the biggest theatre in Des Moines at the time, the River Hills – Riviera Theatres. I also saw the Star Wars movies and Indiana Jones at these theaters, as well as Aliens, Superman, and many others. The big summer movies always showed there as they were the two biggest theatres in town. They ended up closing down in the mid 90’s as the digital age began to arrive.

I grew up in the Quaker (friends) church and after college got away from church for a while but always hung around it.  I ended up getting back to a Baptist church in Des Moines and saw a few other Baptist churches along the way.  During my spiritual journey I was introduced to the preaching of John Macarthur, then R C Sproul,  Steve Lawson,  the reformers and puritans.   I have read just about all of the Macarthur commentary set,  have a couple of books left.  I am a Presbyterian at heart and a Calvinist, unfortunately central Iowa is very weak on doctrine so there is really no place to land for someone like me.  I continue to listen to those men above along with many other reformers,  present and past, including Spurgeon, Martyn Lloyd Jones, and John Stott.   I can honestly say I would not be where I am in my faith journey were it not for John Macarthur, RC Sproul and Steve Lawson.

I saw many movies at my hometown theater (The Tomahawk) which is now a photo studio, and Indianola now as a small multiplex. My love for movies and everything about movies started at that early age. I was spellbound by the entire experience: music, cinematography, editing, special effects, etc. I ended up going to the local college in my hometown, Simpson College, to study theatre, in hopes it might lead somewhere someday. I never got a theatre career going, but always maintained my love for the entire production process. Over the years I have accumulated a lengthy encyclopedia of movie info and trivia in my head, and it’s very hard to stump me. I love the old westerns with Henry Fonda and James Stewart, the Old sci – fi movies like 2001 and Forbidden Planet, as well as the TV show Space 1999. I also do enjoy many of the digital picture of today as well as Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. My favorite actors are Al Pacino, Jack Nicolson, Robert DeNiro and Charlton Heston (with whom I wrote for five years and have a scrapbook). I was very sad when he passed away, as well as a letter from Paul Newman, and one from David Morse (St Elsewhere). I had, at one time, 150 movie soundtracks on LP, sold all those off, but I still have about 75 on CD and digital. I have a heart for Hollywood and always have. The church in general seems to complain about entertainment but doesn’t want to do much to help change it so I thought it would be a challenge and opportunity to get much more involved. There are many Christian entertainers out there but we just don’t hear much about them. We hear about the ones causing all the trouble though. Maybe the culture war wouldn’t be so hard to fight if people lifted up their entertainers and asked God to provide the only tree freedom form them, which is the gift of his son Jesus Christ. Join me as I help carry the banner for Christ in the Midwest for those who need it so much, our stars in front of the screen as well as those behind the screen. I truly thank The Lord for this opportunity to help call members of this realm into HIS KINGDOM. For HIS honor and Glory. AMEN! Soli Deo Gloria.

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From this old theatre in Boone Iowa to this small multiplex in Indianola Iowa. Hollywood comes to small town Iowa!


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