Monrovia, Liberia

Simeon Z. Workar


Media and entertainment are influencing and shifting thoughts, not just an average person in Liberia, but the world over. Movies, music, television shows, video games, and theatrical productions spread across the globe, infusing cultures with its ideas, ideals, and values. Popular stars of stage, screen, and even the internet, gather billions of fans who pattern style, attitudes and aspirations after them. In most of the civilized world, there is barely a person alive who has not been influenced by entertainment.

In our country, the passion for media and entertainment has grown tremendously among youth and homes, and the average youth will spend approximately 75 hours of his week engaged in some kind of media. Accounting for sleep, that means a young person spends 66% of his waking day immersed in media and entertainment. By age 17, that totals 60,231 hours – nearly 7 years of a life.

But what values are absorbed with that time? Who are the people who create this amazing medium that influences the world? Are their styles fulfilling the great Commission of Jesus Christ?

Hollywood Prayer Network Liberia focus on gathering prayer warriors including pastors, evangelists, and churches to pray for those in the media and entertainment industries to see the words of God manifested through their activities and styles to influence the world for Christ.

Our prayer requests:

  • Kindly join the Liberia Chapter Hollywood of Prayer Network in praying for Liberia, children orphaned by ebola and family bereaved by this deadly Virus. We are in contact with Princess Norman and 12 orphans children including 2 of nephews. For Princess Norman, her mom Margaret Norman left her 2 month old and died by breast cancer 2012 October, and Struggling with this young and precious little girl, Mr. Norman died with the deadly virus while driving one of the ambulances. Apparently, Princess has lost 5 members to the deadly Ebola virus, including her uncles and Aunts, leaving behind 9 children of various ages and a four-month-old baby. Every day, the children, now dependent on their uncle, Arthur Norman, who himself lacks any source of income, wake up not knowing how they will make ends meet.

We are also planning to launch a pilot project through namely:

  • Media and Entertainment for Christ

General Objective: Utilizingmedia and entertainment to Influence and transform community and unbelievers to Christ through prayer and film show that offer spiritual guidance the broken hearts, bereaved and people affected by the Ebola Virus.

It has been observed with profound regret, that the problems that are affecting us as a nation in post–war Liberia are the following; that the citizens are prone to chronic immoralities, extreme poverty, and ethnic violence among other problems which have dethroned the citizens and deteriorated further its precarious humanitarian situation and rendered most of the population extremely vulnerable.

Citizens are in tears after the 14 years of devastating civil war. Children have become disrespectful to their parents and individuals who are responsible for these children are unable to control them. Young girls have left their homes and are increasingly becoming prostitutes. Some of these girls are becoming breadwinners for their families. Some parents even encourage their female children to go into the streets and find food for their family on a daily basis. There is absolutely no respect for the moral value system anymore. People are becoming criminals and the increase in crime rate is most prevalent among the youth. Some of these youth are ending their lives in prison or increasingly becoming street drunkards, beggars, and prostitutes.

Though the word of God has been preached in churches, and also through open-air crusades, we see these victims do not understand its meaning because of the language barrier and presentation of the message and it is not making any change in their lives. This problem does not only affect the vast population of the illiterate people, but even school children due to the affects of the civil war.

For this very reason, HNP has also planned to present the gospel through the following activities:

Project Activities

  • Regional Fast and Prayer Conference
  • Weekly Prayer meeting
  • Filming Gospel Movies in targeted communities
  • Biblical counseling, and radio programs
  • Outreach Events in Communities
  • Every Sunday HPN Media and Entertainment for Christ Highlight on National TV

These activities are imperative to our Mission in praying for the people in entertainment, and the communities around them to live their lives for Christ.

Materials Needed:

  • 3,000.00 pcs of Christian convert stories & Hollywood Communit DVDs, other Gospel Movies, musical CDs, & DVDs
  • Projector set
  • 2 pcs of Wireless Microphone
  • 1 Set of PA System
  • DVD player


The beneficiaries of this program will be the “lost in Christ” war victims, youth, communities, those in the media and entertainment and the Liberian population at large.