“The man who mobilizes the church to pray will have a greater impact on world evangelization than anyone in history.” Andrew Murray

The HPN Chapters are run by incredible volunteers who desire to mobilize prayer for the global entertainment industry in their own city, state or country. We currently have over 125 chapters representing HPN around the world. Each chapter has a unique personality, focus and definition, based on the heart, personality and passion of the director.

We have a high school Hollywood club that watches movies once a month, talks about them and then prays for the people involved in the film. We have weekly prayer groups that gather to pray for local talent and industry professionals. We have email groups that pass on prayer requests and pray via the internet. And we have people who just want to be a local contact for anyone in their area with a passion to pray for the media.

Please email info@hpnemail.org if you would like to start a chapter in your country!