“If we’re not a praying menace to our enemy we have missed our calling.” Daniel Henderson
Dear Prayer Warrior:

The Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) is partnering with the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood (FPCH) to strategically pray for all of the people who come on our church campus to shoot TV shows, films, or commercials.  Our purpose is to make this location shoot on our church campus different than any other locations that they go to for their productions.

So, we want to build a team of pray-ers who will receive an email from me ahead of time listing the DATE of the film shoot on campus, the PRODUCTION TITLE, the PRODUCTION COMPANY and the first name of the LOCATION SCOUT who is in charge of the shoot.  Then we ask you to pray for the people on the shoot and the details of the production while at FPCH.  We want the Lord to be present for them, for them to see things go miraculously while here, for people to get hungry for the Lord, and for our church staff to be shining lights to all of them as they pass by.  We want every shoot on campus to be a Divine Appointment for both the Location Scout who chooses this place and for everyone who steps foot here.

Would you like to be a part of this special prayer team?  If so, please email me, Karen Covell at the Hollywood Prayer Network (karen@hpnemail.org) and I’ll put you on the list or answer any questions that you might have.  We want to have a powerful team of pray-ers both from FPCH and from HPN in order to invite God in to do a miracle here for those production crews and casts of the shows.

Thanks so much,