Hollywood Prayer Network has created many 7-day devotionals, available for free on the YouVersion Bible app! Written and edited by Karen Covell and Kim Roberts, our devotionals are a simple way to engage with God and Scripture on a daily basis. HPN wants to meet your personal spiritual needs and supply you a solid daily devotional, as well as encourage you to include praying for the people, the projects, and the incredible influence of the Hollywood entertainment industry. We see it as the world’s most influential mission field, and yet the people there struggle with the same issues that we do.

We are continuing to write and post devotionals, so keep an eye on our social media to know when our newest one goes live!


One of the hardest hurts to overcome is the feeling of rejection. Nobody wants to be rejected and God doesn’t want us to reject Him as well. This week we’ll look at all of the ways we can handle rejection and learn what God says about acceptance and rejection. As cherished children of God, let’s embrace the joy of never feeling rejected again.


One dictionary defines Generosity as “the quality of being kind and generous.” That means that being generous can mean giving money and food to the poor and needy, but it can also mean being kind and generous of spirit. This week we’ll look into different ways of being generous and the rewards that God gives us when we have generous hearts. Let’s become Christ-like with generosity!



There is something divinely miraculous about children. And as adults, we have a responsibility to love them, protect them, and train them in the ways they should go – whether they are physically ours or not. This week as we focus on God’s children, let’s keep singing, “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”


Domestic Violence

We chose to tackle this difficult issue because, “Domestic violence affects one in three women and one in four men, globally.” A friend, who is a recovering victim, helped with this devotional. We are praying you can get free of being a victim of domestic violence, or you will help a loved one get free.



Life is hard and we need strength, wisdom, character, and hope to make it through and to end well. That takes perseverance. God talks a lot about perseverance and tells us how important it is and how to get it. This week, let’s focus on strengthening our faith through building perseverance, so that we can run a good race.



The word rest is used throughout scripture to show God’s love, peace and comfort. God is very strong and very clear on wanting us to have a day of rest. He commands us to observe the Sabbath and He even tells us that His Holy Spirit rests on us. How good are you at resting?



Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. That’s the mandate for this week. Can we serve others the way Jesus served us, with zeal, a spiritual fervor and with devoted faithfulness? It’s worth seeing how we can be serving God and serving others like Jesus role-modeled for us over 2,000 years ago.



What do you think of when someone says to be faithful? Having integrity, being a person of your word and honoring God. We’ll look at the definition and God’s Word to focus on how to be a faithful person. God tells us that if we are faithful we will “end well.”



We all want to be brave and we all have heroes. It’s because God has given each of us the Divine desire to be courageous. But we can only get courage through Him. This week we’re looking at how to replace our fears with His courage. And with God ALL things are possible!



“The enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy.”  That’s the foundation to why we are all hurt at some point in our lives by deception.  This week we’re looking into how to deal with the deceiver and those who deceive, including ourselves.  Let’s not let the enemy deceive us in any way or at any time!



We all live busy, hectic, stressful lives and sometimes we would do anything to just feel peace, rest, and comfort. God has sent us the Comforter to give us peace, He promises to take away our weariness, if we trust in Him. Let’s look at how we can find comfort in our lives through the scriptures this week.



Loneliness is a part of the human condition but the Lord tells us that we don’t have to feel lonely if we trust in Him, seek Him, and let Him give us strength, comfort, and love.  This week we look into how to embrace His promises so that we don’t have to feel lonely because He is always with us!




I believe that one of the greatest needs in our country is not a financial, social, or legal need, but a moral need. And morality is taught within a family. The family unit is crucial to the health of a nation and so this week we are going to focus on the Family. Join us as we read God’s Word for parents, children, and what He expects from us. May your families be thriving and full of divine joy!


My friend and national prayer leader, Daniel Henderson, has three ideals for meaning and victory in our lives. He says Worship + Integrity + Nonconformity = WIN. This week we’re focusing on WORSHIP, as the key ingredient to being a winner! Let’s spend the week worshiping the Lord together and giving all the glory to Him.



This week’s journal took me longer than any other week to write and I got so frustrated. Suddenly I realized the topic was patience! It made me laugh out loud. How often do we lose patience? Every day? Let’s jump in and see what the Lord says about Patience, but don’t be rushed about it! Take your time….



As Christians we want to be people of excellence. We should be doing everything as unto the Lord so that He is glorified through our work, our words and our actions. So, this week, let’s strive to be excellent as Christians, brothers, sisters, parents, students, professionals, neighbors and friends, in everything we do and say!



The Great Commission is to go out and tell the Good News of the Gospel to the people in our sphere of influence. But that’s hard to do. This week we’ll focus on the power, the joy and the eternal difference you can make by stepping out of your comfort zone and talking about Jesus, without freaking out.



What kind of community do you live in? Do you have strong Christians around you? Are you building up the body of Christ and reaching out to those who don’t know Him? We’re going to focus on the importance of community and one of the reminders is that UNITY is the word that completes COMMUNITY.


Our Moral Compass

God wants us to place great value on our character. He wants us to be people of integrity, to be Christ-like, so that we can be good examples, strong Ambassadors of His, and people that others can trust. What is your moral compass? Let’s look into what it takes to be a person of strong integrity and good character.


The Power of Christmas

Christmas is our favorite time of year here at the Hollywood Prayer Network. It allows us to focus on the gift of Jesus, to send greetings and love to people, and to pray for those who struggle through this beautiful holy season. We hope to encourage you this Christmas by sharing this devotional that reminds you of the miracle of Jesus! And a very Merry Christmas to you!


The Power of Thankfulness

Being thankful is one of the most beautiful qualities of a Christian and makes us stand out amongst our non-believing friends as they see us expressing a thankful attitude for all things in our life, for we have so much to be thankful for. This week we focus on being thankful to the Lord every day, so that we end the week overflowing with thankfulness, praise, gratitude and joy.


The Sting of Betrayal

Betrayal is one of the worst things we can do to another person. What do we do when we feel betrayed by a friend or a family member? Jesus is the expert at understanding Betrayal. Let’s look into His response to His betrayal and actually become good at knowing how to handle this hurtful but human issue.


Full of Joy!

This week we are excited about finding JOY in the midst of sorrow and experiencing the joy of the Lord in all circumstances. We desire to live a life of joy and yet how many of us know that the joy of the Lord is our strength? God’s will for our life is to rejoice and be joyful! So let’s jump in and fill our hearts up this week with the Joy of Jesus!



Let’s delve into a horribly destructive, yet common, emotion—FEAR! It’s never wise to make a decision out of fear, yet most of us waste hours, days, even years of our lives, immobilized by fear. So, let’s break the spirit of fear this week, and seek the Lord for deliverance, freedom and strength to push aside fear and be filled with the power of joy, peace, and His unconditional love.



This week we’re focusing on one of the hardest and most life-changing issues of all time: FORGIVENESS! When we forgive others we become free.  But it’s a conscious choice to forgive, not just a feeling to get over. So, would you join us this week as we delve deep into our hearts and seek to forgive everyone who may have hurt us, betrayed us, or rejected us in some way? And let’s also determine to seek the forgiveness of others for anything they may have against us. Most importantly, let’s embrace the unconditional, complete forgiveness that Jesus offers all of us!


Dealing with Anger

This week we’re focusing on an emotion that has swept our culture, and especially our roadways:  ANGER! God tells us not to be angry, not to let the sun go down on our anger, and that anger turns us into “mockers” and fools.  So, we want to be honest about our own anger, and ask the Lord to change us, heal us, and transform us into peacemakers and wise followers of Jesus.  Join us this week in letting go of our anger and embracing God’s promise to find wisdom and peace in Him!



This week we’re celebrating a topic that runs all through the entire Bible – God’s life-changing promise of HOPE.  God tells us to hope in Him, to not put our hope in the things of the world, that suffering produces hope and that hoping in our wealth is worthless but hoping in Him will never disappoint us.  These commands and promises are thrilling, but so hard to do.  Join us this week in letting go of what’s comfortable and embracing God’s promise to put all of our hope in Him!


Facing Anxiety and Worry

This week we’re facing one of the most powerful and debilitating emotions that we experience: ANXIETY/WORRY. God tells us over and over again in His Word that we are not to worry, we’re not to feel anxious, and yet we struggle with it every day. If we could truly trust God to give us wisdom, guide us in our thoughts and conversations and have the faith to let Him take care of the details of our life, we would feel freedom and joy, despite our circumstances. Let’s try to master a sense of peace by giving our anxiety and worry to Him this week!


Explore Beauty

This week let’s tackle something that God gave us as a gift: BEAUTY. Beauty is a subject that opens the door for us to share our faith more deeply, to discuss the significance of God’s creation, and for self-reflection. So, let’s grasp the concept of beauty permeating our hearts, from the inside out, and also train ourselves to see beauty in the people and the world around us.


Discouragement and Despair

Discouragement and Despair are two emotions with which the enemy attacks all of us. Would you spend time with us asking the Lord to deal with both our own discouragement, and also that of those who create our culture in the entertainment industry?


A Humble Heart

This week let’s tackle the pure, child-like heart of HUMILITY as we spend time with our God. We know that pride comes before the fall, so HUMILITY must come before we are lifted up. Only the Holy Spirit can truly make us humble, so may that be our prayer this week.


Finding Peace

PEACE is an emotion we all hunger for, and yet is so difficult to attain, especially for long periods of time. Join us this week as we seek PEACE in our daily lives, in our decisions, and in our relationships. May you find God’s PEACE that surpasses our understanding as you spend time with Him.


Personal Prayer

The Hollywood Prayer Network invites you to join us this week to grow in your own faith and to pray for the people, the projects, and the impact that the Hollywood Entertainment Industry has on our culture. Prayer changes us, and it’s the most important life changer of all the gifts God has given to us. Get excited about your conversations with God and spend this week seeking Him. Your prayers make an eternal difference!