Meriden, Connecticut

Fran Babij

~ Still Haven ~
Hollywood Prayer Network – Connecticut Chapter

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14

Connecticut has long been a destination for entertainment professionals looking for a bit of quiet normalcy away from the public eye. Normal however is not always as idyllic as it sounds. People in the industry are faced with the same everyday trials that a non industry person faces, but sometimes they have the added scrutiny of watchful eyes hungrily looking for the next gossip column topic. The mission of Still Haven HPNCT is to be a gentle, safe and fully private refuge for prayer and encouragement. Whether it’s a sick child, a troubled marriage, addiction, project deadlines, or fighting overwhelming feelings of loneliness, rejection and failure, our goal is to be a voice of hope. We recognize that people are people regardless of how public or private their career may make them, and the things that matter to them, matter to God too. We have the privilege of representing the heart of Christ by speaking life into the lifeless so that they may in turn do the same.  

 About our chapter director, Fran Babij

In the summer of 1980, shortly after her fifth birthday, Fran’s parents took her to a yearly evangelism outreach that invited Christian celebrities to come and share their testimonies of life and faith in Hollywood. That year’s guest speaker was the wife of western star, Roy Rogers, the actress, singer and songwriter, Dale Evans. That night Fran became a Christian and over the next 30 years a deep love grew in her heart for those in entertainment because she never forgot that an entertainer led her to Christ. In time that love became a strong need to pray, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night praying for people she barely knew anything about. Eventually she discovered The Hollywood Prayer Network, a ministry that she would find out years later, was actually based in, of all places; the very church where Dale Evans and her husband had been members. Over the years Fran has held many different ministry positions learning how to serve with humility, integrity, wisdom, discernment, grace, and love without expectations. The Bible and these six traits form the base of Still Haven.