These are just a few ministries and resources to help you find a roommate, jobs, housing and other needs! We encourage you to utilize them as they’re here to help.

Housing in LA

Bel-Air Pres Classifieds
Hollywood Connect’s Housing Resources
Lake Avenue Church’s Helping Hand
Reality LA’s The City – Make sure to make a profile and go to the “marketplace”.
Mosaic Student Housing

Click HERE to download a list of more short term and long term options!

Housing in NY

The Catholic Residence in Manhattan.  A double room with personal bathrooms/showers with great breakfast for the  price of $89.  They have many rooms on the 8 floors, with little conferencing corners, wi-fi, TV and such. Room are smallish, like in Europe. Right across the street from the old RKO Theater.

Leo House 332 West 23rd St. NYC, NY 10011 646.880.8910 ext. 219
Web site for more pictures and details:

Entertainment Temp Agencies in Los Angeles

Executive Temps
Staff Me Up
Apple One