Bollywood, IndiaHollywood Prayer Network
Bollywood, India

Davita Maharaj

God has the power to transform culture.

The Bollywood Prayer Network (BPN) is a non-denominational, para-church fellowship of believers in Christ, dedicated to providing Indian entertainment professionals in the film, television, fashion, arts and music industries with:
1. A worldwide network of prayer partners
2. Caring and supportive communities of fellow industry believers
3. Edifying and professional spiritual guidance

A few suggestions on how to pray for Bollywood:

1) Pray that others would be encouraged to pray for Bollywood.
2) Pray that God would call talented young believers to recognize Bollywood as a powerful field of influence.
3) Pray for the hearts of those yet to be saved in the Bollywood industry.
4) Pray that Bollywood believers would show love to other Bollywood believers in ways that are caring, non-threatening, and non-judgmental.
5) Pray that BPN and other local ministries will work together to organize opportunities for Bollywood professionals to fellowship with and pray for each other on a regualr basis.