In July of 2001, TV producer, Karen Covell, birthed the Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN), because she believed that Hollywood was not “Sodom and Gomorrah” but “Nineveh” – it can be redeemed. HPN is a grass roots prayer ministry led by Hollywood professionals who seek to impact our culture through prayer. Over the years HPN has seen attempts to “change” Hollywood fail because content won’t change until lives change. HPN believes God is the only one who can change the lives and hearts of the decision makers, creative community, and power players in Hollywood and He will do that if His followers humble themselves and pray.

Our goal is to invite God to free the hearts and minds of media professionals by mobilizing global prayer for the world’s most influential mission field: The Entertainment Industry.

Hollywood Prayer Network’s target audience is two-fold. First, we serve the Christians working as “tent-makers” in Hollywood. As a defined group of over 10,000 people, the Christians who work in the entertainment industry are on the front lines of the spiritual battle in Hollywood. They need to be prayed for and supported by the Church. We provide prayer support for them through our “I to I” (Intercessor to Industry Professional) Prayer Partnerships and we are reaching out to Christians worldwide asking them join us in supporting these “missionaries” through prayer.

Our second target audience is the Christians worldwide who want to see change in Hollywood, many of whom are parents, grandparents and pastors. For too many years the approach of Christians trying to change Hollywood has been to boycott, hate or ignore the media. For the past seven years Hollywood Prayer Network has been working to reach out to churches, para-church organizations and individuals worldwide and invite them to join us in praying for and loving both the non-Christians working in Hollywood and the Christians who are working as missionaries and tentmakers to change Hollywood from the inside out. We offer prayer as a positive action, versus a negative or frustrated response from Christians who don’t know what they can do to change our TV shows inter-net, music and films, in order to protect our society and culture.

Since 2001 HPN has grown to over 20,000 committed pray-ers! In August of 2006 we launched an inter-active website that has statistics tracking; we average 125,000 hits on our website monthly. Christians worldwide see the power and influence that the Hollywood entertainment industry has in society and they want to do something to bring Christ’s love and values to our industry. People have contacted us from around the world telling us that they want to get more involved. We have found that Christians want to help change the entertainment industry but they just don’t know how. HPN is here to guide, resource and educate them. We offer:

  • “One to One” Prayer Partnerships (Intercessor to Industry Professional)
  • Incognito Prayer Team (IPT)
  • “The Hollywood Tribe” DVD
  • Remote Prayer Stickers
  • 90028 Prayer Wristbands
  • Speaking to churches & Universities
  • Prayer Walks at the major studios and Beverly Hills talent agencies
  • Monthly e-mail prayer newsletters
  • Ministry Brochures
  • On-line Kids Prayer Calendar
  • 100+ U.S. and Intl. Local Chapters
  • Large and small group prayer events


HPN’s Goals:

  • To unite Christian individuals, churches and para-church organizations across the world to recognize Hollywood as a mission field and mobilize them to pray for the Hollywood entertainment industry, instead of hating the people here or boycotting it’s programming
  • To pray and lead the Christian Entertainment community into a closer relationship with the Lord and into closer unity with one another
  • To see more non-Christians commit their lives to the Lord
  • To impact Hollywood and its product with the love and truth of Jesus
  • To have every Christian in Hollywood prayed for by an outside intercessor
  • To build up and encourage Christian families with professional child actors
  • To have active HPN Local Chapters in every major city in the world
  • To see spiritual revival in Hollywood


HPN’s Strategy:

  • To join intercessors outside Hollywood with Christian Media professionals inside Hollywood as “I to I” Prayer Partners, so that every Christian in Hollywood will be prayed for by an intercessor somewhere around the world.
  • To open local HPN Chapters all over the world in order to mobilize both prayer warriors and media professionals in cities across the globe.
  • To sponsor prayer events that mobilize Christians to pray
  • To offer our free “The Hollywood Community” Documentary DVDs

Great effort is always made to assure that our research, statistics, quotes, prayer requests and public relations are tasteful, accurate and non-judgmental. We strive to be positive and wise in our approach, and prayerful in our endeavors.


Hollywood Prayer Network’s target audience:

Hollywood Prayer Network’s on-going commitment is to continue to reach three specific groups of people:

  1. We serve the Christian media professionals working as “tent-makers” in Hollywood. As a defined user group of over 10,000 people, the Christians who work in the entertainment industry are on the front lines of the spiritual battle in Hollywood: the world’s most influential mission field. They need to be prayed for and supported by the Church. We provide prayer support for them through our “I to I” prayer partnerships, monthly emails and prayer groups.
  2. We are reaching out to Christians in the church, asking them join us in supporting these missionaries through prayer. Christians living outside of Hollywood who want to see God moving and working in Hollywood or who know He’s moving here and want to be a part of it through prayer
  3. We reach out to Media professionals in Hollywood who don’t yet know the love and life-saving Truth of Jesus Christ and have not had access to His Gospel.  Hollywood is an “Unreached People Group” because many professionals here have never heard about Jesus, or read a Bible or gone to church:  2% of Hollywood professionals attend church or synagogue.