“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” Corrie Ten Boom


Are there really many Christians in Hollywood? 

There are currently a recognized 10,000+ Christians working or striving to work in the Hollywood entertainment industry. We are a growing community of believers who are experiencing unity, community and hope as we band together to seek Jesus.

Can you really be a Christian and work in Hollywood?
Absolutely, just like you can be a Christian and work anywhere in the world. In fact, we believe that God is specifically calling Christian artists to Hollywood so that He can build a strong community of believers to do His work in this place. Check out some other entertainment ministries.

Are there places for Christians to fellowship in Hollywood?
There are many healthy, growing ministries in Hollywood that embrace Christians of all backgrounds, denominations, ethnicities and even worship styles. To find out more, check out our list of media friendly churches.

How can Hollywood be mission field?
Hollywood is an unreached group of people who are closed to outside influence. They do not want other people telling them what to do or what to believe, and they are predominantly a wounded and hurting group of people. They speak their own language, worship their own gods and have their own traditions and culture. They are a tribe of people who need God’s love, forgiveness, redemption and peace, but they don’t know Him, are afraid of Him or are angry at Him, based on personal experiences. Hollywood is the world’s most influential mission field, and it should be exciting to embrace these people in prayer! Check out this video on the 4 myths of the Hollywood community!

How do I pray for the entertainment industry?
The best way to pray is to ask the Lord to reveal to you what His heart is for this mission field. Also pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to the non-Christians here so that they can experience how much He loves them. The Christians here need God every day, every hour. Ask that they seek Him, first and foremost, that He guides them, that they find community and that they grow in their faith and love for Him. Pray blessings on people. Don’t pray against people, but instead pray that the Lord melts hearts and empowers Christians and that people will see their need for Him. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to ask God to help you understand how to love these people, and believe that your prayers for Hollywood can change the world! For more specific prayer needs, check out our Monthly Prayer Newsletters.

How can I pray for celebrities?
First of all, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to want to pray for celebrities. They are changing our culture, and they need prayer! Just go to God, remembering that these people are just like you and those in your community, except the whole world is watching everything they do and say. This makes them fearful, insecure, arrogant, angry, nervous, uncomfortable in public, clingy to one another and even paranoid. God didn’t mean for man to have the glory, so our prayers are needed to help these people see that God is the only one who can handle it. That’s why they need Him and His unconditional love. HPN would encourage you to join our Incognito Prayer Team, which organizes and encourages prayer warriors from around the world to pray for the celebrities of their choice. Then we try to send you updated information on that person so you can be more specific and effective with your prayers.

Where does HPN get its information?
All HPN information, updates, prayer requests and news that is posted on our website or newsletters come from trusted Christian professionals working in Hollywood or in the media somewhere around the world who have first-hand knowledge and stand behind the information they submit. We are careful about our sources, and we feel confident that we can trust the information to be facts, not gossip, and we pray that it is appropriate and insightful. If you feel that we have posted something that is incorrect or inappropriate, please feel free to contact us at info@hpnemail.org and let us know. We take your concerns seriously, and we will respond.

I don’t live anywhere near Hollywood. How can I get involved with HPN?
We’re excited plug you into our network of pray-ers and professionals! We look forward to hearing from you. Here are some ways you can get involved:
– Join our praying team and receive our Monthly Prayer Newsletter.
– Request our FREE materials (The Hollywood Community DVD, 90028 Wristbands, Remote Prayer Stickers, HPN Brochures).
– Spread the word about Hollywood as a mission field to your church and community. Pray for the people who work in the entertainment industry, and ask the Lord to send believers here who want to use their artistic gifts for God’s glory.
– Start an HPN Chapter in your city.
– Become an intercessor for an industry professional in Hollywood through our One-to-One Prayer Partnerships.
– Join our Incognito Prayer Team and pray for a celebrity on your heart. You can also pray for celebrities through our Weekly Prayer Focus.
– Download our Kids & Teens Prayer Calendars.
– Join our Giving Team.
– Contact us with questions or prayer requests.

I’m a Christian living in Los Angeles. How can I get involved with HPN?
We would love to have you involved with our ministry, our events and our community. Here are some ways you can get involved:
– Join our praying team and receive our Monthly Prayer Newsletter.
– Come to our prayer nights, seminars or community gatherings. Email us at info@hpnemail.org so we can be sure to notify you about our events!
– Attend our regular Studio Lot Prayer Walks.
– Come to our office and meet our team!
– Email us to set up an appointment for us to pray for you.
– Volunteer with HPN.
– Let us know about any industry professional you know who may need confidential prayer.
– If you are an industry professional who needs or wants prayer, please join our One-to-One Prayer Partnerships.
Contact us with questions or prayer requests.